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We honestly try to find your perfect match from our huge database which includes doctors, engineers, lawyers, accountants, businessmen, teachers, nurses, clerks, computer operators, government employees, private sector employees and those who are working abroad, etc.

We start introducing you to our registered members few days after your registration and continue this process until you find your partner. We make use of the computers for most of the selections and we keep all your particulars in secret. Your photographs are kept only in the head office and they will not be shown to unwanted persons.

Apart from the 'Mangala Tharanga', our usual registration method, we have introduced few new methods to cater the different levels of the society. However, our ultimate goal is to provide you trusted and honourable service to achieve the success of your partner search.

Mangala Taranga

Registration Fee - Rs 10,000 7,000
  • Onetime payment of Rs. 7,000/- should be made to us. We will send proposals until you are getting engaged.
  • Continuously offer our service to achieve the success in searching a life partner.
  • You will receive initial proposals as soon as you registered with us. After that proposals will be sent on your request.
  • Both parties are informed at the same time.

Mangala Kirana

Registration Fee - Rs 25,000 17,500
  • Onetime payment until you are getting engaged to your life partner.
  • You will receive initial proposals as soon as you registered with us and after that we will follow up and send you matching proposals regularly considering the family background, status, educational and professional qualifications, and horoscopes. Both parties are informed at the same time.
  • Continuously offers our service to achieve the success in searching a life partner.
  • All proposals are selected carefully by our experienced staff giving individual special attention to each.
  • We will take care of your marriage as an elderly family member.
Since you came hand to hand with us for thirty years period, we know what you feel. We can identify your burden. Therefore, considering the present economic condition faced by the country, Gowri Lanka has decided to grant special economical service for you all.

Mangala Taranga (Installment Plan)

Registration Fee - Rs 5,000

Now you can pay enrollment fee of Rs. 10,000/- into two equal installments. Soon after you pay Rs. 5,000/- we will commence our service by providing you matching proposals and informing other party as well. During the first month we will provide you minimum 20 proposals most suitable proposals. We are sincerely happy if you could find a suitable partner from the initial list.

You may pay second installment of Rs. 5,000/- after one (01) month period. As soon as you completed two installments, you will be enrolled to above ‘Mangala Tharannga’ package.

Mangala Paniwuda

Registration Fee - Rs 3,000

This is a newly designed package to match with the current economical situation. You have to pay only Rs. 3,000/- to register with this package. As soon as you enrolled to the package we will provide you first list of proposals. Our staff will carefully screen and match porondam and give you most suitable and matching proposals which are more effective than the proposals you received from a paper advertisement. At the same time, we will be informing to other party as well. Further, we do our best to provide you at least 20 proposals. Even though you can repeat this package until you find a suitable partner, we sincerely wish you the success at first time and we work hard for that. Due to this special package, you don’t have to pay large amount at one time. While spending very less amount you can achieve you dream of finding a suitable life partner.

You can obtain this service by visiting our head office at Gampaha or any island wide agency office or sending us the application by post or WhatsApp along with the deposit slip (account details are mentioned below), money order or cheque.

Account details

  • Seylan Bank – Gampaha Branch – 0110 33523771 001
  • Commercial Bank – Gampaha Branch – 1440044242

Money Orders

  • Money receiver: Gowri Lanka Agencies
  • Paying office : Gampaha


Should be only addressed to ‘Gowri Lanka Agencies’

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